HR administration means:

- HR administration and

- Business organization (we can do it for you or in cooperation with your team) - preparing internal HR procedures and rules. 


HR administration





This package includes mobile HR. In other words, if you do not have a person who is in charge on HR administration, we can do it for you. Benefits for you: system in order and you do not tremble when inspection visits you


♦  Personnel file ordering

♦  Employment contract check up

♦  Preparing employment contract and annexes

♦  Preparing different resolutions (maternity leave, paid leave etc.)

♦  Praparing data for salary calculation for Accounting department



Business organization





When the rules are established, there is no need for ad hoc decisions, understatement or misunderstandings. By establishing rules and procedures, and having internal acts prepared, you will have a settled system within your organization.


♦  Establishing and advancing processes and procedures

      ♦  Recommendation of organizational scheme

♦  Preparation of internal acts on systematization and organization

      ♦  Preparation of different internal rules

      ♦  Preparation of Code of Conduct