What is Extended DISC® Personal Analysis?

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is validated psychometric self-assessment tool which is showing the natural behavioral style of the assessed person. It uses the four-quadrant human behavioral model, commonly known as DISC. The model is built on the basis of the theories of Carl Gustav Jung. Extended DISC was founded in 1994 by Jukka Sappinen,who spent his early professional years consulting clients in the use of psychological tools. The instrument was developed with the cooperation of key clients and experts in psychology, statistics, HR, consulting and IT. A major market is in the USA.

Analyses may describe the natural behavioral style, communication style, decision-making methods, strengths, what motivates and demotivates a given person, as well as indicate potential areas for work on self-improvement.




Extended DISC®  Personal Behavior Analysis is a very powerful tool for:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Improvement of communication process
  • Training planning
  • Management
  • Development
  • Sales team potential
  • Coaching


How does the process work?

We send link
and password
to the
    The assessed
    person fills
    for 10-15 min
    We generate
    and send the



What kind of reports we can provide?

  • Individual                   
  • Work pair analysis
  • Team report


Standard reports could be upgraded with an:

- Sales Assessment

- Management Assessment

- Leadership Assessment

- Training Assessment

- Team Member Assessment





Extended DISC® Job Analysis

Extended DISC® Job Analysis was created to increase that understanding, by providing a best match between the benchmarked job requirements and the interviewed candidates. The result and the benefit you can get from this tool is a powerful and effective organization where every individual can perform in tasks where their biggest natural strengths are utilized.




FinxS Platform is a platform for assessing employee potential. FinxS facilitates the effective management of employee talents, undertaking personnel decisions, and improving communication in a team.